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Download all new themes of Huawei Mate 20 for your EMUI Devices

Theme Information:

Theme Name: [Wall First] Huawei mate20 Series 12 Dynamic Theme Optimization Edition "Smart New Height!" 
Theme Size: 109MB 
Theme Format: hwt 
Applicable System: emui3.0/3.1/4.0/4.0.x/4.1/5.0/ 
Number of topics 5.1/8.0/8.1/8.2/9.0 : 12 
Release time: 2018/10/16

1. Legend/Huashan

2.Viridbeach / Pinnacle Beach

3. Luxury / exclusive life

4.Beyond/Broad Sky

5.Colorful glaze / colorful glaze

6.Camellia / Dark Fragrance

7. Coral sea / Coral Sea

8.Fairy land / Fantasy Island

9.Jade ocean / Bohai

10. Milky way / Galaxy (dynamic)

11. Trajectory / Track

12. Neon / Neon

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