Theme Engine

        What is Zookingsoft Theme Engine?

Zookingsoft theme engine is new Theme engine by Huawei,

it is gots enabled in 5.1 in New update,

this lockscreen gives us new features and extra animations effects, Huawei added it because it is already available on xiaomi like brand,
and Huawei dont want to stick on Frame animation lockscreen
that's why he introduced Dyamic lockscreen named "Zookingsoft"

and 5.0 can also use this theme engine by installing it..

However Huawei restricted it for lower version than 5.1
thats why you cannot able to drive download it through his server,
may be in future they enabled it in 5.0 too

but you can download it..
I am giving you the download link of Zookingsoft lockscreen,you can download and install it

Download links are Below for theme Engine 

Use any servers you want to download [Latest version 2.31.0]

Server 1 [Drive]
Server 2 [Mediafire]
Server 3 [Mega]
Server 4 [Dropbox]
Server 5 [Multcloud]


  1. Bro it says u need to update ur zookingsoft engine on honor 8 latest update b340

  2. Its Not Working Anymore .. I Apply The Themes And Themes Are Updating The Engine .. but Downloading Is Not Starting Idk why .. :\

  3. this is zooking engine for 5.0 not zookingsoft engine for 5.1

  4. May i know what are that features please i installed it by nothing difference i seen

  5. why not support my honor 6x zoking engin

    my phobe android version 7

  6. how can i get this????

  7. Fffffffffvcdddfvvggggggggggggggf

  8. Muy buena ala app gracias .....

  9. I want to buy and download a theme.. But it say that I need the latest version of zookingsoft engine... When I download it... It say "APP NOT DOWNLOAD".. Now I don't know how to download it... Please tell me how... Thank you

  10. Zookingsoft works in EMUI 8.2 (Honor 8C)

  11. Not support My Huawei Mate 20 Pro.


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