Today I received almost 900+ spins from Coin master Event 
yeah, Without using any referral link and Free Daily Reward Links and also me not used any hacks for sure.

So the main question is, On which event I have received that much Spins?
The event name is The Pet Adventure on this event you have to complete some task defined by Coin master here is the task list.

Pet Adventure Event Tasks:

You need to collect the tiger claw to fulfill their Task. these are the activity by which you will get the Tiger claws.

  • Attack [Get 2 Claws]:  Need to attack friend base 
  • Attack blocked [Get 3 Claws]: if your friends are using the Shield to protect their base then it's good news for you because breaking their shield will give you extra tiger claw.
  • Raid [Get 4 Claws]: A Raid on Friend base will give you 4 Claws.
  • Perfect Raid [Get 4 Claws]:  A Perfect Raid on Friend base will give you 5 Claws.

            And Hitting 3 Claw symbol in Spin will give you extra 12 Tiger Claws

Here are some tips that I used:

Initially, I have 25 Spins which i received on a daily basis, I know it is low and not enough to get all tiger Claws.
so I created 2 Facebook id and add it as a friend on my main Facebook id. And I created my Refer link and Install Coin master Application on another phone by using the referral link and I signed it using the newly created Id's, and thus I received 50+50 Spins from a referral link,
Now I have a total of 125 Spins in my account, 
and it is enough to get Tiger Claws

Note: This event arrived on Coin master for a limited time, You need to collect the Tiger Claw as Soon as Possible
For any Doubt, you can contact me on Facebook

Here are Screenshots of proof:

Some useful Bonus Tips:

Balloon Frenzy event also up on Coin master

While you spin, you will saw some Balloon coming from the bottom of the screen you just need to PopUp the Balloon, By Poping up you will get up to 1000 Spins

Hope you Like it


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