Hi EMUI'ers

Today I am going to publish Samsung S9 Invert dark Theme
A theme for EMUI 5/8 Users

This theme is inverted form of Samsung S9 Experience theme

  1. **New Updates**
  2. New Layout of Setting Application
  3. New layout of SystemUi
  4. New Settings Toggles
  5. Samsung S9 New Icons
  6. Message UI changed
  7. File Manager themed
  8. More updates will come soon

*Install the application from playstore
*Click on install Button
*Wait for 3 mins and theme installation complete
*Now you can apply it ,from theme Application

How to manually install it?
  1. [EMUI 5] Download and Save it in sdcard/Hwtheme Folder 
  1. [EMUI 8] Download and Save it in sdcard/Theme Folder 

Theme Information
 Samsung S9 Dark
Size 13Mb
Upload Date:07/03/2018
Compability: EMUI 5/8

Note:  Please Help us to grow and Donate us Something , according to your Will
         So we can serve you in future as free Contents :)


Video Screenshot

Download Servers are below

Server 1 [Mediafire]
Server 2 [Dropbox]


  1. Hi! What's the name of the application in playstore?

    I currently using this theme but when I toggle down my notification bar I can't see my status bar (battery, network, clock), can you fix it? I love the theme by the way :)

  2. We want this thene return in Google play store...not only s10 theme ...
    ... .s9's this theme we needed


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